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ARBORFIELD - Friday 18th to Sunday 20th June 2004 inclusive


Presentation of a Special Memento to Bill Cleasby

by Max Warwick on behalf of Gordon Bonner &

The September 49ers


Contributed by Max WARWICK (49B)



Presentation Speech

Penned by Gordon G. Bonner (49B), on confinement in Leeds Hospital 12th June 2004




On this, our very last Reunion upon hallowed ground, the September 49ers decided to mount a delegation as the last item on the AGM Agenda, on behalf of all members of the ARBORFIELD OLD BOYS ASSOCIATION.


Each year many unsung heroes worked hard to build and give life to a successful Association which bears fruit at the Annual Reunion.


To name a few, at the risk of leaving a few out, we have always looked to the Chairman, the Membership Secretary, the Hon Treasurer, Webmaster, College RSM and most importantly, providing the link between the past, present and future, the Apprentices, who have over many years, volunteered to come and look after us whilst we are here.


The efforts of all these individuals are noted and much appreciated.


However, there is one individual whose efforts on behalf of the Association have been outstanding. He is my friend and your friend, “Uncle Bill Cleasby”. -  BILL, this is your life – please step forward.


(Turn to Bill - Call to front)


The man standing before you is the epitome of the quintessential English Gentleman, he conducts our affairs in a polite, restrained and efficient manner, with a warm and ready smile for everyone – nothing is too much trouble.


He has, for many years, been the focal point for the administration and the conduit for logistical effort in all matters relating to the ARBORFIELD OLD BOYS ASSOCIATION.


Bill, from us all please accept this framed photograph of the Sydney Opera House.


(Present photograph)



Why Sydney Opera House?  Well, I photographed it and like it, but more importantly this Australian Icon is a tangible illustration of the strong friendship links between the Old Boys of the UK and those of the FAR EAST OLD FARTS who live in Australia. This is born out of the strength of this Association which you are so much part of.


Bill,  thank you


Signed Gordon Bonner 49B



The Photograph


Photograph: Gordon Bonner



The Dedication


Presented to Lt Col (Retd) IWJ Cleasby MBE

By the September 49'ers on behalf of the Members of the ARBORFIELD OLD BOYS' ASSOCIATION

In appreciation of services rendered, 19 June 2004.





Source: E-mail from Gordon Bonner to listed addressees:



Gordon Bonner


Wednesday, February 18, 2004 6:17AM


George Millie


Reg Vera Harper; Roy Ashman; Pete Henry; Pat Dale Haynes; Greg Peck; Max Warwick


Final Reunion at Arborfield


Dear All, well, all good things come to an end at some time or another. There is one man who more than any other has made a significant contribution the success of the annual reunion, and that is Bill Cleasby. I personally feel that his efforts should not go unnoted. To that end, should you all agree, I will mount a spectacular photo of the Sydney Opera House, which I personally photographed from the Manly Ferry, for Max and I to present at AGM on Sat 19 June. The reason I have selected the Sydney Opera House is because there is a strong connection between the Sept. 49ers and Australia, thus, what could be more appropriate than Australia's most famous Icon. The inscription will read as follows:


Presented to Lt Col (Retd) IWJ Cleasby MBE

By the Sept 49ers on behalf of the Members of the ARBORFIELD OLD BOYS' ASSOCIATION

In appreciation of services rendered, 19 June 2004.


All in Favour?


Yours As EVERton Gordon


Published: 1st July 2004