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AOBA Reunion June 2002 - Arborfield


(Contributed by Trevor STUBBERFIELD)



Intake 52A

(left to right) Ken Byford, Terry Reddin, Frank Bass, Trevor Trill, Danny Yule, Trevor Stubberfield,

Alan Gordon, Mick Eden,  Bill Gibson, Ted Horne, Colin Lenihan, John Todd, Joe Plant,

Mick Robinson, Eddie Hind, Eddie Wakeham.



Intake 52A

(left to right) Mike Pobjoy (Australia), Frank Bass, Terry Reddin, John Todd, Colin Lenihan,

Ted Horn, Trevor Stubberfield



Intake 51B & 52A

(left to right) Eddie Wakeham, Mick Robinson, Fred Mills (51B), Trevor Trill.



Intake 52A

(left to right) Joe Taff Plant (Australia), Bill Gibson, John Scouse Williams.



Intakes 52A & 52B

Can't come up with the names this time but perhaps a few viewers may be able to help.