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ARBORFIELD - Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd June 2002 inclusive


AGM held in the Beachley Centre



Reunion Parade 2002 - Rowcroft Barracks, Arborfield


The parade column marching down the hill and past the bus stop to the gates


The parade column turning left into the old entrance, led by the volunteer

Drum and Fife Band gathered together by Mike CHEESEMAN [62C]


(3rd from left) Gordon BONNER [49B]


Bugler – Mike CHEESEMAN [62C] sounded the Last Post and Reveille


The Drumhead Service conducted on the site of the long-gone Guardroom.

The Memorial Garden is seen in the background.


(4th right) Gordon BONNER [49B] at the Drumhead Service


Piper playing the Lament at the Drumhead Service


The column marching on to the square, with the AOBA Standard leading


(6th from left) Pete HENRY [49B]


(nearest camera, 2nd from left) Dave PERROTT [49B], and on his left in the centre rank, John CASSELLS [49B]


(2nd from left) John CASSELLS [49B], (front rank, right) Dave PERROTT [49B]


The 49B Diehards




Gordon BONNER [49B], mended and back in working order


What’s Left?


The old AAS Drum Major’s mace now adorns one wall of the WO’s and Sergeants’ Mess


Butch HAYNES’ [49B Armourer] memorial in his own ‘handwriting’ on the wall of the disused rifle range


Jeff COOK’s [49B Armourer] handywork also on the wall of the disused rifle range


What is left of the Armourers’ testing range – the Enfield ‘rest’ building, sandwiched between

The .22 indoor range and the 25-yard outdoor range mentioned in Gordon BONNER’s anecdotes