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SOUTH AUSTRALIA – Wednesday 25th April 2012


Photos contributed by Joe PLANT 52A and Bill GIBSON 52A


ANZAC Day in Adelaide


Joe Plant writes…..

The parade is right through the middle of Adelaide, along North Terrace and turning into King William Street.  North Terrace has a row of war memorials along with the Governor’s and Parliament House for South Australia.

Joe Plant 52A, Bill Gibson 52A and Alun Davis who was an Education Instructor in R.E.M.E.


Bill Gibson 52A from Perth UK and Alun Davis.
















Announcement in the Adelaide Press.


ANZAC Day Adelaide 2012


Time passes, but the importance of ANZAC Day as an occasion for reflection, acknowledgement and re-commitment grows stronger.

Wednesday 25 April, 2012


Event: Dawn Service

Time: 6:15 am

Venue: SA National War Memorial

Details: Corner North Terrace & Kintore Avenue.

Event: Light Horse Commemorative Service

Time: 8:00 am

Venue: Light Horse Memorial

Details: Corner North Terrace & East Terrace.

Event: Anzac Day March

Time: 9:30 am

Venue: Commences at SA National War Memorial

Details: Proceeds down North Terrace & King William Street to the Cross of Sacrifice in Pennington Gardens, North Adelaide.

Event: Anzac Commemorative Service

Time: approx 11:30 am

Venue: Cross of Sacrifice, Pennington Gardens, King William Rd, North Adelaide

Details: Service commences after the finish of the March.



First Published: 15th June 2012.