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The Arborfield Prospectus.


Over the years, from 1939 to the closure in 2004, the terms and conditions of service at the Arborfield Army Apprentices School changed considerably.  Rates of pay, hours of work, leave allowances, trades taught, even the ranks to which Apprentice Tradesmen could rise were all recorded in the prospectus available to prospective recruits.  “It was much harder in my day” is always the claim made by Old Boy to the Jeep.  The proof of the pudding can now be judged by reading the various prospectus and welcome leaflets, and we are looking for more years to publish.



Prospectus for 1952.


Organisation & Curriculum for 1964-65.




First Published: 1st August 2007.

Revised and Updated: 1st November 2013.