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Contributed by Jim BAULF (49A)



The pile of rubble on the site of the Guardroom (Fred Silvers will be turning in his grave) and the Camp Hall was the result of the contractors breaking up the concrete foundations of the spiders and other buildings for hard core (below).



The old Sergeants' Mess, taken from the new Rowcroft Mess, shows the cleared ground where the A Company & B Company spiders were, and the Cookhouse (below).



The Permanent Staff Block at the top of the Square shows the remaining spiders of C Company and D Company, and the Cookhouse (below).



The Permanent Staff Block is still there; as is the Square (Tara will also be turning in his grave). 


It's frightening to think how much asbestos has been buried on the site as you probably remember all the pipe lagging and underground pipes.


Published: 15th May 2005