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The following report contributed by Alan JONES (61B)



Over a period of time I followed, with great interest, the bulletins posted on AOBA forum cataloguing the progress by AOBA members, mainly committee members, to locate or discover the fate of the above boards.

In 2012 I offered to help in the search but did not get involved in making any contacts as I believed it best for this to come from the one known source.

Things were moving along, sometimes with long periods in between contacts, with little information getting back to AOBA members. By Jan 2015 I found I was alone in the search and the general feeling was the boards had been lost for all time. How, why and where nobody knew.

I decided to start again from the beginning with our REME museum and work out from there. There were problems here too with the closure of Arborfield Garrison and the planned move to Lyneham in 2015. It was a busy time for the whole Garrison and to ask them to help in the search gave them extra pressure they could do without. On the other hand it might work in our favour as everything was being listed and crated.

I have documented my search and, to date, I have 16 pages of bullet points listing the 49 people contacted, 94 emails, 37 phone calls and 52 posts placed on social media. Where possible I have tried to keep all ex boys informed via the AOBA forum, unfortunately this forum is no longer open to non-members of Association, so I will in future post updates on f/b pages.

The most significant points are included below in the Award Board Report.

One detail to bear in mind is, over the years there have been a number of versions of The Award Boards:

Mk1:  AAS The two originals with the names painted on the black back board. Missing.

Mk2:  AAS/C similar to Mk1 with slide in name tablets. In museum.

Mk3:  The two PMC as Mk2 with PMC Title. Missing.

Mk4:  AAC (post PMC) as Mk3 with additional awards. In museum.

I have pictures of Mk’s. 1, 2 and 3 in Hazebrouck and Mk 4 in museum.


Left hand set of boards.


Right hand set of boards.



Oct 2012:  Alan Jones AJ posted on AOBA forum for any ideas on Boards’ location. A number of leads were received including a sighting, by Ray Stevens (RS), at PMC in 1987 and their possible removal to Depot or COD Burghfield. Al Shaw remembered them when he was there in 90C.

Dec 2012:  Two members were checking if they were at Larkhill.

Sept 2013:  John Coles ‘Herbie’ reported they may have gone to RAOC Depot Bramley – The actual shed at Bramley was identified. In Jan 2014, Alec Powell (AP) reported the Boards were moved to Bramley Depot in 1995. (1996?) He contacted Bramley Depot and was told no REME artefacts were deposited there.  The person i/c started there in 2003 and the ‘stuff’ moved out went to RAOC (RLC) museum DEEPCUT. AP’s next call was to contact archivist at RLC museum DEEPCUT. The archivist was investigating but no further update was received.

Jul 2014:  Bill Cleasby (BC) when ‘Poking around’ at REME museum, looking for Drum Head Service Drums, found a number of Honour Boards, not the originals but the later versions. A search at DEEPCUT will commence when AP finds a volunteer to help.

Sept 2014:  Andy Kennedy (AK) ‘Madtyke’ posted on FACEBOOK his hopes that the Old School Gates would not be lost, like the boards, after their move from Arborfield.

Sept 2014:  REME museum, having heard of the search, posted “We do have a number of boards and plaques from the old Apprentice College”.

Sept 2014:  AP will speak to David Schofield (DS) and contact REME museum.


Jan 2015 the point where we started again at REME museum.

Jan 16th 2015:  AJ contacted REME museum by telephone…..a volunteer there gave examples of boards in their catalogue……. He would get curator Jennifer Allison (JA) to contact AJ.

Jan 21st 2015: Curator JA called AJ…..We went through history of search, they have five boards but by the names and descriptions they are likely to be the later versions.

Jan 22nd 2015: DS confirmed that BC located these boards some time ago and are not the originals…….but replacements. He includes a letter from BC stating these are not the originals, they are smaller and go back to early 60’s. The names slide into holders. He was aware of them and had mentioned them at odd management meetings. They are stored in Bld. 66.

Jan 23rd 2015: DS reported that he spoke to an ex A/T from 1996, when waiting for a course at SEE, the A/T was on the working party that removed the boards from hall in PMC, placed them on a truck and took them to Bramley.

Jan 23rd 2015: AP reported that after contact with DEEPCUT, the RLC museum archivist had passed on his request for a visit to museum curator and she has replied after checking records and also a physical check of the stores the boards are not there. The curator considered that a visit was not necessary.

Jan 26th 2015: AJ contacts REME museum curator (JA) to ask her to contact RLC curator to arrange for us to visit. The idea being that one of us would recognise the boards if seen.

Feb 2nd 2015: REME museum curator JA replies, she has been in touch with RLC museum and is happy with their reply and sees no reason for a visit.

Feb 2nd 2015: AJ asked curator JA to contact REME museum at Bordon. Also asked curator to let us know when boards in Bld. 66 are clear for viewing. Reply from Bordon (Feb 4th) was, no boards there.

Feb 3rd 2015: AJ posted on “Army Mates Where Are They Now” FACEBOOK page for anyone with connections to CAD Bramley/Deepcut around 96 and after.

Feb 7th 2015: AJ posts on RAOC FACEBOOK page, as above, six replies.

Feb 19th 2015: AJ contacted RLC museum, through our museum, they have assured us they did not remove anything from Bramley.

Feb 22nd 2015: AJ contacted REME museum once more, asking to visit as soon as possible to check the boards that had been reported by BC and that the curator had described in her email of 21st Jan: 5 large wooden boards all pertaining to be Major Awards and headed Army Apprentice School. A possible viewing date was thought to be in March but this has been delayed to summer 2015.

Feb 23rd 2015: AJ posted on AOBA and Arborfield f/b asking for details of PMC move back to Rowcroft. Herbie JC…..identified new buildings and their names with pics.

Mar 7th 2015: AJ tries to contact a number of ex Arborfield Apprentices (Non friends or group members) via ‘private message’. FACEBOOK block message sending for 7 days, this on top of a ‘lockout’ on Feb 12th 2015 for similar offence. Proof of ID required before ‘lockout’ lifted. Old army ID card very useful and they accepted it.

Mar 15th 2015: AJ ‘Open Post’ on Arborfield f/b asking for any info on Boards at Rowcroft, Brian Hutchins (BH) recalls seeing his name on the boards in Rowcroft lecture theatre centre, on both sides of large screen, during a senior officers’ conference (sometime 1993/96) he believed to be originals as his name was included. (Apr 64)

Mar 21st 2015: Contacted by Trevor 52A with possible search areas around Rowcroft.

Mar 23rd 2015: BH hears back from Peter Gibson (PG) Commandant AAC 91/94. He suggested we should contact Mike Dorward, Commandant 94/95 and Bob Mount Commandant 95/96. Also try Taff Cullen OIC Mgmt Svcs/QM.

Mar 26th 2015: AJ contacts Wokingham B.C. and Land Reg in Coventry and then makes contact with Helen Puddle (HP) at CREST NICHOLSON in Chertsey. (Arborfield Landowners Consortium) to enquire as to contents of Rowcroft buildings-particularly the Education/office block. HP very interested in history of Rowcroft. The site manager will check buildings for boards. He reported back, nothing was found. HP would pass on my details to Garrison FM.

Apr 7th 2015:  AJ received telephone answered message without any name or contact detail saying they did not have any boards from Rowcroft and any material may have gone to Harrogate. AJ contacts The Harrogate Association through its member Joe Flynn (JF) 55A. I then received email from JF suggesting two further committee contacts…..the cttee chairman and sec. Email sent to them on Apr 9th.

Apr 9th 2015 email from 'Trevor 52A' regarding the "Wheel" badge being kept alive at ATFC Winchester, slim chance boards went there too. AJ contacted ATFC Winchester, gave all the details to Capt. O. North. QM there for 17yrs. Very interested, recalls talk of a list arriving of kit to accept/reject, not sure from where or when. He had a look at the boards on display. (Cookhouse and C Coy REME Section.) Needs to speak to others but will make contact.

Apr 12th 2015: Reply received from Col. (Retd) Cliff Walters, Commandant Harrogate 95 that they were unable to help.

Apr 13th 2015: AJ contacts AFC Harrogate, gave all the details to Major Y. Cauldwell. QM. Very interested, will carry out a search and contact us.

Apr 14th 2015: AJ contacted WO1 Graham King, Garrison QM. who cleared remaining buildings on Rowcroft ready for hand over. Not aware of any boards being removed from Education Block. Will look into whether they were moved elsewhere if museum was lacking storage space. He was asked to check SEE route.

Apr 16th 2015:  Email rec’d from BH to say, after management meeting in Arborfield, a visit was arranged to REME museum to check boards in Bld. 66. The originals were not there. BH suggest we contact Mike Dorward and Taff Cullen. AJ traces (MD) via phone book and makes contact with him on May 6th. He is very surprised to hear boards were taken to Bramley. No reason for that. He thinks Bob Mount may have more info.

Apr 21st 2015: AJ contacts Clive Garaway 95A via f/b, has a reunion in near future will ask there for any pics/info on boards.

Apr 26th 2015:  AJ contacts Lee Lawson 94C via f/b, unable to help but supplies two more names of REME members still serving.

May 8th 2015:  AJ contacts Hayley at REME Association and Rick Henderson (RH) at REME museum.

May 13th 2015: Contact made with Taff Cullen (TF) phone number in phone book. Has no idea why boards would have gone to Bramley. He is sure there must have been an RAOC/RLC officer involved for them to have been moved there. He also thought the civilian store man, at Arborfield, around that time would be able to help. Not sure of his name.

May 15th 2015:  AJ contacts, via pm, Andrew Nicholls 94C Bailleul Sgts. mess. Will check for boards and let us know.

May 18th 2015:  AJ contacts a number of people in Deepcut Barracks, through RAOC Association. Spoke to Lt.Col Steve Tinlin (ST) QM. Will carry out check and get back to us. Replied (May 21st) has checked all messes, upper/lower schools and Command Wing. No boards found. Did give me QM for 91/96 Maj R. B. Hobson. MBE. With the help of another Harrogate/Chepstow ex boy and London Gazette, found Lt.Col Barry Hobson MBE.

May 27th 2015:  After placing post on “Where Are They Now” f/b page AJ contacted Chris Dickson RQMS Deepcut 95/98. He has faint recollections of dealings with Bramley when it closed and something about “Prestige” boards. He listed where he would have stored them if they arrived.

June 5th 2015:  AJ phones Lt.Col Steve Tinlin with news on “Prestige” boards and storage location. He was sure they were no longer there as records had all been changed over to a new system in Feb 2015. A further check would be made.

June 11th 2015: Email sent to RH, Director REME museum, requesting him to ask a Director of RLC museum for help in tracing boards there. Reply RLC (June 12th) they stressed again the boards are not and never have been part of their collection.

June 11th 2015: AJ rec’d email, from Pat Nulty (PN), after post on f/b he knows TC and Bob Mount (BM). He will forward my details through a relative to BM.

June 17th 2015: Telephone call to Alan Webster (AW), Mgmt/Svcs Arborfield, asking after civilian store man QM stores up to 99/00. His name is John Bahia, retired to Andover area after Arborfield. AW suggested I contact Mike Whitington (MW).

June 18th 2015:  Reply from MW, has no contact now with JB. He, MW, did mention that Bramley had at one point been used as RAOC/RLC “Back loading depot for accommodation stores”. Not good news for boards as he believes they would have been funded from Unit funds, not public funds, therefore not listed in accommodation ledgers. He suggested I contact Lt.Col Keith Wilder, ex QM 2i/c ATFC up to draw down in 2003/04. KW then moved on to Bordon SEME QM. AJ has sent email to an old email address listed. No reply 3rd Aug.

June 19th 2015:  AJ finds a number of addresses in Andover area connected to the name Bahia.

June 20th 2015:  AJ attempts to make contact with Chris Carolan (CC), via PMC f/b page, believed to be a member of the working party who moved the boards to Bramley Camp.

June 27th 2015: AJ obtains, with the help of another ex-boy, a telephone number to one address in Southampton listed as Mr. Bahia. After many attempts no contact is made.

July 8th 2015:  AJ travels to Southampton, Mr. Bahia is still living there according to neighbour……..Message and details left with neighbour to pass on……On return home (July 13th) message received from neighbour, he has spoken to Mr. Bahia, there are no connections with military.

July 13th 2015: Detailed reply received from Maj. Y. Cauldwell QM. Harrogate (See Apr 13) He has gone way beyond what I expected, a thorough search for sure but to no avail unfortunately.

July 13th 2015: Reply received from James Chadwick JC. He knows TC lives in Cardiff and has contact details, has not heard from Bob Mount for some time but will ask around.

July 15th/19th:  AJ tries again to contact Chris Carolan through two of his contacts/friends on PMC f/b. No reply to date.

July 29th 2015: AJ locates possible contact details for Bob Mount in Southport, no phone number, letter sent by post asking for it to be forwarded if no longer resident there.



As of this summary date I still have a few details to complete. There are a number of people out there who may have the information that may lead us to the boards or what did happen to them back in 1996. John Bahia being one or any member of the working party detailed to move the boards from Hazebrouck Barracks to Bramley Camp.

If they went as part of accommodation stores to Bramley on that day, it doesn’t look good. I am told all fixtures and fittings were being moved from Hazebrouck to Rowcroft, why would REME artifacts go to Bramley? 

I intend to keep looking, the more people who know we are looking the better. Anyone out there with further information please contact me, I am happy to do the work if given the information, Al Jones 61B.


Published: 8th October 2015.






(UPDATED 13th. NOVEMBER 2015).


Since the last summary, dated 3rd August 2015, the search for the boards has continued, albeit a little slower but the places to search have been decreasing. I have a further 2 pages of bullet points listing the additional 7 contacts, 19 emails, 5 phone calls and 10 posts on social media. Again the most significant points are included in the report below.


Sept 18 2015: Previous Report/Summary posted on PMC/AA Schools/RAOC/AAC f/b pages. This was timed to coincide with the OBAN also containing Report.

Sept 20 2015: Contact was made, at last, with CC and over the next few weeks we exchanged details to try to clear up the possible movement of the boards. I have to say, CC has been very helpful, he may, after all, be the last person, we have contact with, to see the boards in Arborfield.

Sept 25 2015: Posted Report/Summary on AA Soldier Forum.

Oct 7 2015: Posted Report/Summary in ATS/AAS section on ‘Arborfield & The September 49ers’ web site.  My thanks to Trevor 52A.

Oct 14 2015: email sent to HP……..with details of a new building to search in Rowcroft. HP will inform contractors on site.

Oct 15 2015: Phone call conversation with AW regarding two civilian storemen involved in Rowcroft clearance, names believed to be Simon and Kev. AW will ask around.

Oct 15 2015: email sent again to last known email address of Lt.Col K W, involved in Arborfield up to close.

Oct 16 2015: Another post on REME/RAOC f/b looking for contacts to JB, Simon/Kev.

Oct 23 2015: AW unable to find out any info on civilian storemen.

Oct 25 2015: pm sent to Ian Street 94C (IS)        on REME f/b page.

Oct 27 2015: Tried to send pm to Tony Simpson 94B (TS) on REME f/b page. At present page suspended.

Oct 29 2015: Phone call conversation with GK, he reports, when he took over all the  buildings were empty………….He will check records of the clearance of the latest building in question….He will also speak to the QM there before him………

Nov 3 2015:  email sent to HP checking the progress of requested building search, as posts on f/b are reporting most buildings have been razed to the ground.

Nov 4 2015:  email from HP assuring me this building is still standing and will be searched today.

Nov 4 2015:  email from HP. No sign of the boards.

Nov 5 2015:  email from HP, a number of boards (4) have been found……..pics were attached……..They turned out to be SEE School Colour Awards……..For a split second I thought we had found our Boards……HP has informed me instructions have now been issued to search all buildings prior to demolition.


School Of Electronic Engineering, Arborfield.


Award of School Colours board (Image 1).


Award of School Colours board (Image 2).


Nov 8 2015:  email from PN…..my details have, at last, been passed to BM who has said he will make contact.

Nov 13 2015:  email sent to JA (curator) to check on location of Award Boards at museum. Not heard anything for some time.


Date of this Summary 13th November 2015.


Published: 1st December 2015.






(UPDATED 18th. JANUARY 2016).



Page 1:


Since the last update, dated 13th Nov 2015, the search has continued for those who may have more information on the movement of the boards after they were seen in the Rowcroft Gym storeroom.

I have made an additional 4 contacts, 20 emails, 10 phone calls and 6 posts on social media. The most significant are included in report below.


16 Nov 2015: Report/summary update, following 18 Sept, posted on PMC/AA Schools/AAC f/b pages.

18 Nov 2015: Phone calls to GK, yesterday and today X3. No answer.

18 Nov 2015: Reply from JA (Curator), re 13 Nov, Boards have already been moved to Lyneham due to timetable pressure.

18 Nov 2015: Reply to JA, although understanding the pressure on the museum I was a little upset, after having waited all this time, due to the location of the boards, to not have  been given the opportunity to view them prior to their relocation.

19 Nov 2015: 4 more phone calls to GK. No answer.

20 Nov 2015: Post on REME f/b page, asking for anyone in contact with Ian ‘Ivor’ Street 94C.

22 Nov 2015: Reply from Steve Curry on post of 20 Nov. Reply sent.

22 Nov 2015: Contact made with IS. Details sent to him.

24 Nov 2015: Email sent to Carl Powel, asking if he knows of BM.

26 Nov 2015: Still unable to contact GK, also tried AW without success. NB. REME Association now show a new number for Lyneham although no reply. I assume the move is on.

27 Nov 2015: ‘Recorded’ snail mail and SAE sent to person who may have connections with BM.

08 Dec 2015: Reply from CP unable to help on BM.

13 Dec 2015: Another snail mail (unrecorded this time) sent to same address as 27 Nov, no one there to sign for delivery, so a card was left asking for collection from Sorting Office.

19 Dec 2015: Tony Simpson’s f/b page still not taking messages.


Page 2:


22 Dec 2015: Posted again on PMC/REME f/b pages for help in contacting TS.

22 Dec 2015: Replies from Harry Black and Steve Mac.

23 Dec 2015: Recorded snail mail letter retuned from Sorting Office……Had not been collected.

23 Dec 2015: Contact made with TS.

23 Dec 2015: All the details on search sent to HB and TS.

23 Dec 2015: Reply from HB, he left PMC before boards were removed from Gym wall.

23 Dec 2015: My thanks go to TS for the emails regarding the boards. He will forward on to those he knows who may be able to help. There may be some delay in their replies.

23 Dec 2015: Update on situation sent to CC who, like TS, has been a great help to me.

Christmas Break.

10 Jan 2016: Email to TS asking if any news……he will chase up…..TS has plans made for a visit to Lyneham this Month, when he will ask again. Thanks reply sent.


Date of this Summary 18th January 2016. 


   Published: 22nd January 2016.






(UPDATED 26th. November 2016).


Page 1:


Now in 5th year of the search for our missing Award Boards. Not much progress has been made, since last update, lots going on in the background looking for Bob Mount who may have important information on their movement. He was the Commandant at Arborfield during the move back to Rowcroft. This is the last recorded sighting of them and we know Bob had plans to get them all back on display. Anyone who may be able to put me in touch with Bob, please let me know.

Since the last summary, dated 18th January 2016,  I have a further 2 pages of bullet points listing the additional 4 contacts, 25 emails, 9 phone calls and 4 posts on social media. Again the most significant points are included in the report below.


Jan 22nd 2016:  Rec’d an email from Al White 61B (61A) with pics of two Major Award Boards found on display in Doncaster, Victoria Cross Trust Museum.

Jan 23rd 2016:  Made contact with curator of Doncaster Museum, informed me they had been in operation for 3 years but only open to the public for one year. These boards (on display in a corridor) and two others (REME, in Veterans Bar) were donated to them by Arborfield REME Museum prior to their relocation to Lyneham. I asked if they had any other Award Boards. I was asked to send photos of our missing boards and a check would be made in their stores.

Jan 23rd 2016:  Email sent to AW to thank him for bringing them to my attention and informing him I was in touch with Doncaster.

Jan 24th 2016:  PM sent to TS, any news on his visit to Lyneham.

Jan 24th 2016:  TS replied, going to Lyneham next week.

Jan 26th 2016:  Reply from Doncaster Museum curator, they have checked both catalogue and stores, no record of our missing boards.

Jan 28th 2016:  Two updates, two photos of Doncaster boards and one of SEE boards sent to RS for next OBAN edition.

Jan 29th 2016:   Phone call to a friend, AJ, who may be able to trace BM.

Jan 30th 2016:   Update and photos posted on PMC, AA School and AAC f/b pages.


Page 2.


Feb 21st 2016:  Phone call from AJ, unable to trace BM, needs more details, service number would help.

Feb 21st 2016:  Service details found in London Gazette.

Feb 22nd 2016: Details sent to AJ.

Mar 21st 2016:   Phone call from AJ confirming address I have for BM is correct. Also has a phone number to contact. After trying number is out of service.

Mar 24th 2016:   Contact made with CT of HOBA, he will call at address we have for BM.

Apr 8th 2016:      Email from CT, he called at address but BM has moved to an unknown address locally.

Aug 17th 2016:   Update on search sent to RH at REME Museum.

Sep 23rd 2016:   Contact made with SM who will arrange for someone to call at another address I have found for BM.

Oct 5th 2016:       Reply from SM, BM not known at address.


Date of this Summary 26th November 2016.





Published: 15th January 2017.











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