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29th April 1954 to 27th June 1956


Contributed by George MILLIE


Map showing the position of Tonfanau Camp to the north of Towyn


Detail map of Tonfanau Camp and Anti-Aircraft Range



Aerial view of Tonfanau Anti-Aircraft Range looking eastward from Cardigan Bay


The single-track railway can be seen running across the photograph from left to right (north-south), with the Camp complex to the east (upper portion) and the Anti-Aircraft Range and REME Workshops occupying the narrow strip of land between the railway and the beach


These buildings are on the eastern boundary of Tonfanau Camp


The building (left-foreground) was the barrack block occupied by Permanent Staff REME other ranks



Heavy anti-aircraft artillery guns live-firing on the Range




NAAFI Break a group of visiting Gunners and WRACs



Tonfanau beach




The weekend card school


A regular all-weekend pastime for some



The ascent of Cader Idris




My climbing companion






The descent: a tarn on the other side of the mountain




More photographs




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