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Multiple Sources. 



A collection of 52A photos which have turned up at The Editorís Desk by various means.Some appear in other relevant locations but the opportunity has been taken to try and improve the quality and size of this selection.As always, any additional information, particularly names, would be gratefully received.The link above will find me.


Rear Row: Ken Benny Byford, Tony ?, George Peacock, Trevor Sexy Trill.

Centre Row: Dave Snoz Johnson, Stan Thornton, John Bodle.

Front Kneeling: Dick King, Eric Toombs, Pete Williams.


Standing: Ken Benny Byford, Bill Jock Gibson, Trevor Sexy Trill.

Kneeling: Colin Titch Lenihan, Tha Tommy Win.


Standing: Mick Eden.

Seated: Tha Tommy Win, Stan Thornton, Frank Orr, Mike Reed, George Peacock, Blondie Hilton, Alan Winkie Webb.


Mick Eden, Frank Orr, Blondie Hilton, Joe Taff Plant, Ken Marlborough, G Pugh, George Peacock, Tha Tommy Win.



Published: 1st September 2012.