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Contributed by: Trevor STUBBERFIELD 52A


Is it not said that we should not live our lives in our memories, yet, through our memories, shall we not know we have lived our lives?

Thoughts of Trevor 52A.


After three years together at Arborfield we parted in February 1955 to set off on our own paths through life. Many of us would not set eyes again on our friends throughout our service career. Indeed, perhaps we would not meet again. There are no certainties in life. Thanks to the great efforts made by a determined group of our intake we managed a good turn out for the 2002 Arborfield Old Boys Reunion, our Golden anniversary. On Saturday the 22nd of June 2002 we gathered for this group photograph. We all remembered the way we were. Now these photos show us the way we are today.


52A 2002 Web

Left to Right, Ken Benny Byford, Terry Jack Reddin, Frank Sam Bass, Trevor Sexy Trill, Danny Yule, Trevor Stubberfield,

Alan Gordon, Mick Eden, Bill Gibson, Ted Horn, Colin Titch Lenihan, John Todd, Joe Plant, Mick Robinson, Eddie Hind,

Eddie Wakeham.


Bodle Web

Byford Web

Ed Cooper w

John Bodle

Ken Benny Byford

Ed Cooper




Gibson Web

Gordon Web


Bill Gibson

Alan Gordon

Eddie Hind




Lenihan Web

Paton Web

Peacock Web

Colin Titch Lenihan

Brian Paton

George Peacock




Pickworth Web

Joe Plant


Dave Pickworth

Joe Taff Plant

Mike Pobjoy




Powell Web

Reddin Web

Roberts Web

Chris Taff Powell

Terry Jack Reddin

Kelvin Bob Roberts




Stubberfield Web

Thrower Web

Trill Web

Trevor Stubberfield

George Percy Thrower

Trevor Sexy Trill




Williams J Web

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First Published: 1st September 2006.

Latest Update: 15th August 2018.





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