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Detmold Army Air Corps Units - 1962


Contributed by: Tom BAKER, R.E.M.E. 1956 – 1969



Tom Baker writes…….

I was a Tech Storeman with R.E.M.E. 1956 – 69.  I served with the A.A.C. in 652 Squadron, then with No.1 Wing followed by 71 A/C Workshop in Detmold.  There my first store was a 3 ton truck in the hangar and I remember changing tool kits from R.A.F. to Army.  I was then moved to where the Armoury was to order all the equipment etc. to change to Workshop status.

My O.C. was Captain Taylor, who had a boxer dog.  S/Sgt Foster came from 4 Arm’d W/S to take over as Q.M.  There was a German civilian called Alfred who collected stamps and did the Lotto for anyone.  I was in charge of the Armoury.  The Corporals Mess was in the cellar under H.Q. block.


(26). H.Q. No.1 Wing, A.A.C. Detmold 1962.

Centre Rank: 12. Tom Baker, 13. Norman Sheridan.


(27). H.Q. No.1 Wing, A.A.C. Detmold 1962.

Officers & W.O.s, Detmold 1962.

Rear Rank: 1. Keith Holmes, 4. C.P.O. Brown.

Front Rank: 2. W.O.II Tom Cable, 4. Capt. Croft, 6. Col. Newton-Wade.



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First Published: 1st April 2018.

Latest Update: 1st May 2018.











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