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George MILLIE’s 70th Birthday


“With friends like these, who needs enemas?”




The third day of Antipodean Winter dawned crisp and fresh, and the sun rose to lighten the cloudless sky, promising a fine and sunny day. Marion and I breakfasted on Tasmanian smoked salmon served on lightly toasted bread, accompanied by one of our favourite imported German white wines. Whilst eating this humble repast we contemplated: “I wonder what the poor people are doing?”


Thus fortified, we attended to the last minute preparations and awaited the arrival of our guests:


Gerry Gregus and Margaret Peck

Reg ‘Rugsucker’ and Vera Harper

Roy ‘Dusty’ and Kay Ashman

Phil and Lynne Hutchinson


all of whom were driving up to Toowoomba from places distant. Robin ‘Jock’ and Jeanette Lamont, our old friends from Singapore days and residents of Toowoomba, would be meeting us at the restaurant at the appointed hour.


At about 9.15 Phil telephoned, apologizing profusely for their suddenly imposed inability to attend – Lynne, a nurse, had been summoned to duty to replace a sick colleague.


The Gathering

At about 10.30 the decision to have a brew-up before the horde arrived prompted the sudden appearance of Gerry and Margaret, just in time for some refreshment. Next to arrive were Roy and Kay, and by 11.30 we were becoming concerned about Reg and Vera, who arrived on the scene close to mid-day. We were due to leave for the restaurant at about 12.15.


The Cards and Gifts

When all were safely gathered in, the birthday cards and gifts were ceremoniously presented and photographs taken.


From Roy and Kay -


Photograph: Margaret Peck


The book was accompanied by a unique bookmark, designed and printed by Roy.






From Reg and Vera -


Photograph: Margaret Peck


This unique gift of a brass plaque on black lacquered wood is destined to adorn one wall of the “FEOFA Mess”. It was accompanied by a card designed and printed by Vera, using one of her many beautiful photographs.




From Gerry and Margaret -


Photograph: Margaret Peck


A set of six video tapes titled: “Why We Fought”, being a compilation of the major events of World War II, assembled from black and white film footage dated 1943. About 9 hours and 15 minutes of entertainment to fill the interminable hours of ‘repeats’ and sundry other bits of rubbish currently being broadcast on TV. This gift was accompanied by a unique piece of Gerry’s innovative artwork – somewhat resembling the best of Leonardo da Vinci – a set of detailed plans and instructions titled:


Note: The original document, formatted foolscap landscape, becomes too small and unreadable when reduced to this size. To overcome the problem I have digitally cropped and pasted the five elements in the order reproduced above.



And to round off, a group photograph -


Photograph: Margaret Peck


(left to right) Roy Ashman, George Millie, Gerry Peck, and Reg Harper



The Birthday Cake

Consumed at our home during the afternoon.


Photograph: Margaret Peck


Living dangerously - a vanilla cake, coated in cream, a variety of nuts, and strawberries.


Published: June 2004


The Restaurant