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QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA Sunday 25th April 2010


Reporter: Gerry PECK 53B


ANZAC Day in Cooroy



Had a you beaut ANZAC Day up in Cooroy, lovely weather, nicest people, good friends to march with, it doesn't get much better than that! The Local RSL did a fantastic job all round. I sent an E mail to thank all concerned and ask for a spot to be reserved for next years parade. As a bonus, Jim Culley 44A, who is over from NZ, managed to get from Buderim to Cooroy after marching in the Buderim parade, just in time to squeeze into the Cooroy one, the greedy devil. LOL The social activity after the event was great, Phil Hutchinson 53A was in fine fettle and the table he had arranged was the source of much bonhomie and hilarity as we settled in for a libation or two and a meal. Even the RSL Staff put in their two bobs worth by working on ANZAC Day for free, something rare indeed in this day and age. Lovely people all round out there in the hinterland and a pleasure to be amongst.



Greg Peck 53B and Phil Hutchinson 53A.







First Published: 15th May 2010.